The easy way to preserve the European citizenship you lose in The Brexit:

If you are a Jewish Sephardi Descendant (Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey) or a descendant of a Romanian born you can gain easily a European passport.

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    Advantages of the European passport

    Getting a European passport has many advantages! Here is a brief list of them.

    Leave in Europe

    Holders of a European passport can live in any European Union country without having to arrange any permits.

    Work freely

    European passport holders can work in all European Union countries without the need for a work permit or an employer's invitation.

    Travel freely

    With a European passport you can visit countless countries, including those that are closed to Israeli passport holders.

    Study for free

    European citizens can study for free in a variety of institutions in Europe and receive full or partial subsidy in many other institutions.

    Do Business

    Businessmen holding a European passport enjoy greater freedom to conduct business and open businesses in Europe.

    Visit waiver

    Forget about a long and arduous process of issuing a visa. European passport holders do not need a visa to the United States, just pack and travel!


    Passports issued


    Certificates issued


    Handed documents



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